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OneSec Flux Series 800T Color Negative Film, 35mm, 100ft. Bulk Load

OneSec Flux Series 800T Color Negative Film, 35mm, 100ft. Bulk Load

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  • ISO 800 tungsten balanced color negative film
  • 35mm / 100ft. bulk load
  • Can load up to 19 rolls of the 36 Exp. films
  • Bulk loader is required, it is recommend to load with the slow setting.
  • Film is kept in a light sealed bag inside the box
  • Cinematic finish looks
  • Safe for C-41 processing at photo labs or at home (Remjet backing free)
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Halation can occur at in-focus, overexposed highlights
  • Can be push-processed up to 3 stops

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Notes on the Remjet Layer:

Original Purpose: The anti-halation or ‘Remjet’ layer typically found in cinema film stocks serves to reduce friction and static buildup as the film travels through a cinema camera at high speeds. This layer is removed by water jets (hence the name ‘Remjet’) prior to development in a cinema lab.

C-41 Processing: Our Flux Series film is modified for C-41 processing by removing the Remjet layer prior to exposure. This modification is crucial, as the Remjet layer can dissolve and contaminate the chemistry if not removed, compromising development.


Unique Film Characteristics:

  • The absence of a Remjet layer results in red halations (halos) around highlight points in your images.
  • In specific cases, blue or red marks or streaks from static discharge may appear. This property of Remjet-free film can add unique character to your images, but can be minimized with the considerations listed below.

Tungsten-Balanced Film

  • Our Flux 800T, Flux 640T, and Flux 320T film are white-balanced for tungsten (3200K) lighting.
  • When shooting under warm lighting conditions, these films will render more accurate color.
  • When shooting under cooler lighting conditions such as daylight or fluorescent, it’s recommended to compensate with an 85B warming filter. This yields more accurate and pleasant color, and can also reduce the effect of halation, making for an overall cleaner image.


Handling and Usage Guidelines

Static Electricity Considerations:

In specific cases, the absence of the Remjet layer can increase the likelihood of static buildup and discharge. For best results:

  • Avoid high-speed continuous shooting modes on motor-driven/auto-advancing cameras, as this can cause static to build up.
  • Allow the film to warm up to room temperature before use, and load/unload the film in moderate humidity conditions when possible. Static buildup is more prevalent in low humidity and cold environments.

Storage Instructions:

  • Storing the film in a refrigerator at 5°C (41°F) or lower (in a sealed bag) will significantly reduce the film’s expiration, and can help it perform well beyond the printed date.
  • Avoid exposure to X-Ray scanners at airports, stadiums, etc. when possible.
  • Store processed film negatives in a cool, dry place.

Processing Guidelines:

  • Follow standard C-41 processing procedures.
  • Develop the film promptly after exposure for best results.

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